The Highlander Set with Personalised Engraving

For the rugged man who is defiant against normality and seeks the thrills of adventure.

The Matte Silver Highlander set comes with a stylish handle and an attached razor cartridge. 2 extra replacement cartridges are also included. 

Add an unforgettable personal touch!
Now you can customise the Hiighlander Shaver with an engraved name at the top as well as a message at the back of the handle.
It just costs an extra RM15.00!

Engravings are now in block letters instead of cursive.

For the top of the handle, we recommend the name be in initials format or one word - e.g. Greg, Michael, Shukry etc.

For the bottom of the handle, we recommend that it be kept to between 20 - 30 letters. e.g Happy 41st Birthday, Happy 10th Anniversary etc. Please put in your engraving selection in the 2 Engraving boxes below.

Engraving takes 5 working days.  Shipped out between 24-48 hours after engraving.

The price of this set with personalised engraving is RM95.00. 

An additional 4-razor cartridge pack costs RM50.00.


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